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    Awesome Ways to Incorporate Color into Your Home

    Everyone wishes their home to be a luxurious resort where one comes to rest after a tiring day of work. It should be no less than a peaceful haven for you to relax as soon as you hit it. Moreover, it is also an entity which reflects your personality. However, many people are creative and colorful, yet the colors of their house is only as colorful as a white paper.Not only does it make your home look dull and boring, but also prevents proper relaxation and creativity to spark inside of you. There are a few ways in which you can easily add more color into your home. 1) Paint…

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    5 Recipes to Make Your Own Skincare Products

    The beauty and personal care products market has been growing in recent years. While skincare products are no longer as exclusive as they did in the past, chances are, negative effects of the chemical products are uncovered by the media. To save money in beauty, there are 5 exclusive receipts of skincare products which everyone can make with easy. Face moisturiser A good face cream is a good moisturizer. To make your own anti-ageing product, you need almond oil, beeswax, olive oil, Shea butter and aroma oil as ingredients. With all ingredients in a transparent glass jar, you can, then, put a few inches of water in a container. Allow…

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    Top 4 Investing Trends of 2019

    2019 is approaching fast for investors across all sectors. The stock market has seen a rise in volatility with relatively few safe places for cautious investors to hide. Even sectors that were booming last year, such as telecommunications, healthcare, and real estate saw losses in the first half of the year. As investors attempt to protect themselves from market volatility, they have explored novel areas of investment with mixed results. Below are four trends that have seen increased investment this year. Cryptocurrency/Blockchain While extreme volatility made the headlines in early 2018, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin have seen an increased investor base as the blockchain technology they are…

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    10 Of The Most Beautiful Libraries In The World

    Beyond books, libraries are edifices which stand as testaments to art and culture. From libraries containing renaissance art to those which possess medieval reading rooms, here are ten of the most beautiful libraries in the world you must visit. George Peabody Library, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore It’s Stack Room has a five-tier soaring atrium with wrought-iron balconies and columns. Containing British and American history and 18th and 19th Century archaeological volumes, the library attracts bibliophiles. Clementinum It is said that when the Jesuits started building this library in Prague in 1622, they had just one book; by the time the library was done, they had up to 20,000 volumes. This…