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    What Are Juul Pods and How Did They Become So Popular?

    More and more people are switching to vaping in an attempt to stop smoking. The e-cigarette market is expected to reach $9 billion by 2026. Juul, one of the bestselling vaporizer brands, has millions of customers worldwide. Its popularity is partly due to the wide range of vaping products offered and partly due to its cutting-edge technology. Juul pods, for example, come in several different flavors and strengths, making them ideal for novices and experienced vapers alike. All you need is the Juul device, a sleek vaporizer that can easily fit into your pocket. But how does a Juul pod work? Is it really a better choice than standard e-liquid?…

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    How Backwards Walking Could Enhance Memory

    Have you ever wondered why so many tour guides who walk backward (those at museums, campuses, or art centers) are so great at recalling all of the data and stats? Surprisingly enough, their manner of walking is the leading cause of their great memory. According to new studies, reverse movement is linked with better recollection. If you want to put this theory to the test,next time you lose something, try retracing your movements in reverse or at least picturing doing so. Below is a brief analysis to understand how walking in reverse works to boost memory. The Science Recently, participants in a study were required to remember details of a…

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    5 useful terms I should know when visiting an eye doctor near me

    At any doctor’s appointment, it is common to feel a bit confused once the healthcare physician starts throwing around medical jargon. This happens in any medical field, but it is especially true when it comes to your eyes. When your physician says things like macular degeneration, astigmatism, and amblyopia, it is normal to feel lost.  When you type “eye doctor near me” into a search engine, the results are practically endless. The same goes for searching “confusing eye terminology.” No average person is expected to know every term related to optometry, but you don’t have to leave your eye exam feeling confused. Next time you visit your eye doctor, you…

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    How to Keep Your Dentist Appointments to a Minimum

    It is fair to say that nobody really enjoys going to the dentist and whilst some may not be as fearful as others, if we can avoid it then it is always preferable. Even if you have a dentist who is welcoming and can make you feel at ease, even they will tell you that they prefer not to see you very often, as this is of course a good sign that you have no issues. To help you to avoid the dentist then we have some tips for you which will keep your teeth healthy and your visits to the dental surgery to an absolute minimum. Regular Checkups You…

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    Trendy Beauty Looks for Summer

    A lot of people spend all year getting ready to enjoy each and every day of summer. They diet and prep to get the perfect summer body so that they can feel confident and rock what they wear, but trends are constantly changing, and no one wants to be caught wearing last summer’s trends. So what is trending this summer? All the fashionistas out there want to look their best, so here is a list of some of the top trending things for summer 2018. Hopefully they can help people feel confident and their best this summer. Colorful eye make-up Whether folks are looking to add a splash with brightly…