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5 Places in the World Where it is Legal (Or Practically Legal) to Smoke Weed

Some weed smokers don’t care about the legality of their bud, but it always feels nice to light up in a place where it is actually legal. Not only is it easy to access, but it is also much safer to smoke in a country where it is actually allowed by law. There is no risk of facing jail time or hefty fines for getting caught with a joint

As we all know, weed isn’t legal everywhere. But as the world is becoming more progressive and people are realizing the positive impacts of marijuana, more governments are legalizing marijuana. Not only is this exciting for recreational smokers who just want to get high, but also medical smokers who want easy access to weed for treatment purposes.

Wanting to travel the world and get high while you do it? Here are a few destinations where weed is legal (or practically legal) around the globe.

United States of America

Depending on where you are in the USA, recreational pot may or may not be legal. Luckily, state governments have become more open to weed in recent years. In 2019 there are ten states (plus the District of Columbia) that have legalized recreational marijuana in America. Medical weed has become legal in 33 states as well as Washington, D.C.


Remember when you used to justify doing something wrong to your parents by saying “but everyone else was doing it…” and your Mom would say “well if everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?”

Well in Jamaica, everyone is smoking weed, and yes, you probably would too. Even though it isn’t officially legal to smoke recreationally as a foreigner, the laws have been recently changed to decriminalize it. Who doesn’t want to smoke a joint while listening to steel drums and enjoying the hot Caribbean sun?


It’s official. As of October 2018 recreational weed is now legal within the entirety of Canada. Citizens can not only legally smoke, but most provinces are also allowing residents to grow up to 4 recreational plants. Those wanting more than four can apply for a medical grow license and keep it going each year with their ACMPR renewal.


Most people assume that weed is legal for the Dutch. It turns out that it has not been officially legalized, but it might as well have been. Back in the 70’s, law enforcement started turning a blind eye to cannabis “coffee shops” selling weed within their establishments. As long as they follow certain regulations, you won’t get in trouble for purchasing weed on the streets of Amsterdam.


The people of Uruguay are more progressive than most foreigners give them credit for. If you thought Canada was the first country to legalize recreational pot, you were wrong. It was actually the government of Uruguay that first legalized weed nationwide.

You can even go into a pharmacy here and purchase commercially-grown bud. As long as you register to buy, sell, or grow, you aren’t doing anything illegal. Uruguay residents are about as liberal as you can get

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