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Trendy Beauty Looks for Summer

A lot of people spend all year getting ready to enjoy each and every day of summer. They diet and prep to get the perfect summer body so that they can feel confident and rock what they wear, but trends are constantly changing, and no one wants to be caught wearing last summer’s trends. So what is trending this summer? All the fashionistas out there want to look their best, so here is a list of some of the top trending things for summer 2018. Hopefully they can help people feel confident and their best this summer.

Colorful eye make-up

Whether folks are looking to add a splash with brightly colored mascara or this season’s hottest colors of eye shadow, bright colors are in. Blues and greens give a mermaid vibe. Holographic eyeliner accents to contrast an otherwise laidback make-up pallet provide a futuristic pop. Pairing a bright and colorful eye make-up accent with a classic all black or all white outfit is sure to make an impression.

Glowing skin

Applying highlighter to define the cheekbones and other high points of faces creates a subtle but striking effect. Some fashion forward people are taking this one step further and applying liquid highlighter to accentuate their collarbones and shoulders for a unique new look.

Low-key hairstyles

In contrast to the color popping eye make-up trends that are hot this summer, laid back, casual hairstyles are sweeping their way onto the scene. Salt sprays provide a sea-kissed, textured look to hair that is worn down or loosely tied back with a chiffon bow. The classic low-slung half ponytail has been replaced this summer by a loose half bun placed at or below the ears. Folks with shorter hair are buzzing with cuts that include classic slick backs and fades as well as newer styles such as high fades with longer, textured hair on top.


Eyebrow trends have changed so quickly over the years it’s hard to keep up. This summer, microblading is the hottest way to make a bold statement with eyebrows. Microblading is a technique used to shape or fill out eyebrows by drawing delicate lines to mimic natural eyebrow hairs. This technique allows for creativity and individuality to shape a look in a bold way.

Vertical stripes

Striped shirts have long been a classic style. Making the old new again, this year the classic horizontal striped look is being flipped 90 degrees to create new striking looks! Whether on a cotton tee or a button up shirt, patterns centered on vertical stripes provide a new twist on a classic look.

Tropical patterns

Remember the days of the Hawaiian shirts? Well, they’re back, but with a twist. This summer, floral and tropical patterns on both shirts and pants are guaranteed to make a splash. Unlike the baggy bulky shirts of the past, this season fitted blouses, tank tops, and button up with bold tropical patterns shirts are adding some pizzazz to the bar scene and office environments alike.

Waist bags

It’s a rare thing when fashion and utility meet. Waist bags, formerly known as fanny packs, are back. This much laughed at trend from the 90s has made a striking come back and is one of the hottest items of the summer. Whether opting for one of the new sheik designs or a style more reminiscent of the classic fanny pack, people are sporting this practical accessory in waves.

The hottest trends this summer all have one thing in common: individuality. Whether sporting a pop of bright eye make-up or a unique waist bag, fashionistas are making a splash this summer.

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