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    Guide On Buying Second Hand Motorcycle Online

    In our dream world, we would have a range of new bikes in our garage. But back to the real world and as much as we want to, some of us cannot afford to fork out a considerable amount for a new ride. Many of us will go purchase second-hand motorcycle and let someone else take a hit on the initial depreciation. If you are going to buy a used, pre-owned or second-hand motorcycle, there are many different ways to buy one. Buying a used bike can seem like an overwhelming experience especially if you are a first-time buyer.  Here is a list of important things to take note of…

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    Tips for Looking Fly Even When You Have to Travel Light

    No matter how long your travel plans are or where you’re jetting off to, it can be a difficult task to travel light. Some might even say it is impossible, even just for a weekend getaway. There is no way of knowing what exciting plans you’ll make and where your travels will take you. And let’s not even get started about the weather. The forecast says nothing about rain but you REALLY want to pack your new Michael Kors raincoat. What’s a jetsetting fashionista to do!? If you’re doing your absolute best to travel light with just a carry on (because let’s face it, who want to risk losing a…