• Five Great Things To Do In Vegas

    Five Great Things To Do In Vegas

    Since travel restrictions have eased, the travel industry is booming, with many people delighted to be heading back on vacation. However, it’s not the international destinations attracting travelers, as people now prefer to stay within the United States to get away. As reported by the media, the top destinations for those heading on a break included Hawaii, South Carolina, and Las Vegas. The world’s entertainment capital is welcoming people back with open arms, and it shows how much people have missed the chance to visit, as over 32 million headed into the city in 2021, which is a rise of 70% from 2020. Naturally, people automatically think of Las Vegas as a place where…

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    Why You Should Invest in a Holiday Rental

    Three years ago my husband and I went to Minnesota for a Prince concert and during our time there we decided to take a retreat and rent a holiday home just on the lake. As we were leaving our rental we saw a sign that read Minnesota Lake, MN lake homes for sale. As it happened we had spent several hours just the night before speaking about how amazing it would be to have one of these lake houses so we enquired before heading home and within a week we had signed on the dotted line, we now owned a holiday rental. This proved to be a great decision on…

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    Family Friendly Destinations that arent Disney

    There’s something about summer that makes it a magical period for family vacations. It’s also a time famous for driving frazzled parents up the wall in frustration. The kids being home means that you constantly have to find new diversions to keep them occupied and out of trouble. Why is going on vacation a great idea? Well, if you’re a parent and you’re just about sick of going out to Disneyland or DisneyWorld, don’t despair. You never have to stand in a line that goes on forever just to see a princess if you can help it. There are so many other places for family fun times that don’t involve…

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    10 Of The Most Beautiful Libraries In The World

    Beyond books, libraries are edifices which stand as testaments to art and culture. From libraries containing renaissance art to those which possess medieval reading rooms, here are ten of the most beautiful libraries in the world you must visit. George Peabody Library, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore It’s Stack Room has a five-tier soaring atrium with wrought-iron balconies and columns. Containing British and American history and 18th and 19th Century archaeological volumes, the library attracts bibliophiles. Clementinum It is said that when the Jesuits started building this library in Prague in 1622, they had just one book; by the time the library was done, they had up to 20,000 volumes. This…