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Awesome Ways to Incorporate Color into Your Home

Everyone wishes their home to be a luxurious resort where one comes to rest after a tiring day of work. It should be no less than a peaceful haven for you to relax as soon as you hit it. Moreover, it is also an entity which reflects your personality.

However, many people are creative and colorful, yet the colors of their house is only as colorful as a white paper.Not only does it make your home look dull and boring, but also prevents proper relaxation and creativity to spark inside of you.

There are a few ways in which you can easily add more color into your home.

1) Paint the Floor and Ceiling

First and foremost, you could paint the floor. The first glances you have when you enter a home is towards the ceiling and floor. These are also the places where you have the most options and choices towards coloring them.

One way is to add different items and peripherals such as colored bulbs or chandeliers, or rugs and carpets (in case of floor) in order to enhance the appearance.

Moreover, you could paint the floor and ceiling in a uniform color or different colors, depending on your aesthetic preferences. You could even paint in patterns if you wish to do so. Adding colors to the floor and ceiling will not only make them more visually appeasing to both you and your guests, but also add a sense of style to your home.

2) Grow Some Plants

Plants are not usually the thing that comes to mind when incorporating color in your home. However, if done the right way, not only will they be a wonderful source of colors, but also help you become amore environmentally friendly individual. You could use common green plants, or special flowers depending on what you want. You could hang them in a gallery, indoors, a garden, or some other place. The possibilities are endless.

If you don’t want to have the additional burden of maintaining the plants regularly, then you could use artificial plants to have the same benefits. (just not the environmental ones)

3) Paint Some Walls

There are several ways to go about this. You could either paint the walls in one room to give it a unique look depending on the purpose it is used for. Alternatively, you could paint a uniform color on all your walls.

4)Repaint or Recover Furniture

Another great way to hugely impact the look of your home is the furniture. You could go on about painting them such as for bookshelves and chairs.

You could polish them to make them shinier and look newish. Furthermore, for furniture such as beds and couches, you could just replace the covers and sheets in order to make them appear brand new. Regularly changing those can also make them more visually appealing and fresh.

5) Put Something on Those Walls

Not everybody is into art. And that’s okay. However, a really easy way to put some colors in your home and avoid it looking barren is to put some stuff on your wall. That doesn’t have to be some classic painting worth thousands of dollars. You could just as easily put a map of your city, or photos of your family, really anything of importance to you and which will show your personality and interests.

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