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New Year Home Update Idea: Glass Railings

Updating your home for the New Year? Consider installing a glass railing to give your home a sleek and modern facelift. Glass railings are designed to give both the inside and outside space an attractive, open, and appealing look. Apart from enhancing beauty, glass railings are a durable safety barrier that is indisputably applicable to any environment. A glass railing system maximizes transparency, visibility, and light. There are many different types of glass railing systems that you can apply to your home. The difference comes from the method of fixing hardware, which is typically stainless steel or high-grade aluminum. The type of glass railing systems are standoff, base shoe, post railing, clamps, and recessed. You may want to consider any of the above railing systems to meet your individual requirement. Note that frameless glass railings require careful measurement of the glass and a professional to install it.

What to Look for in a Glass Railing
When choosing a glass railing system for your home, consider the glass thickness, protection features, and transparency. Clear tempered safety glass or laminated glass of at least 3/8” thickness is the best choice. This meets the functional requirements of a building that is resistant to fire, heat, shock, and damage. Many suppliers have options for the shape, style and finish of handrails and other fittings to ensure a perfect match with your existing aesthetic.

Advantages of Glass Railings
One advantage of a glass railing system is its ability to enhance light and visibility. While clear views are important for enjoying beautiful landscapes, they also enhance surveillance capability in other interior settings like shopping centers and office buildings. Another advantage: the beauty of glass railing is versatile and applicable to any environment. They are used in residential, commercial and public spaces. On the other hand, the only disadvantage of glass railings is that it requires cleaning from time to time. Overall, a glass railing is still much more low-maintenance than a traditional wood or iron railing, which will require re-painting, removal of rust, and replacement of parts over time.

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