Expand your Wardrobe

You Can Expand your Wardrobe without Wasting your Money

Your closet is full of items that are old, dated and falling apart at the seams. The only thing that’s stopping you from overhauling your wardrobe is that getting new clothes can be very expensive. If you want to expand your wardrobe without emptying your wallet, follow these savvy shopping tips.

Think Like A Retailer

Retailers use clever strategies to lure in shoppers and get them to spend as much as money as possible. They turn their merchandise over quickly, so shoppers feel the urge to buy now. They plaster massive sale signs on their front windows to snag your attention. They play lighthearted pop music to keep shoppers in a good mood because happy customers buy items. 

Another one of their techniques is placing the newest items directly in front of the entrance, so that you zone in on them right away. These eye-catching pieces will be marked with the highest prices in the store. You can save money when clothes shopping by skipping the display at the front of the store — head straight to the clearance section where things will be in a lower price range.

Retailers put out seasonal items before the actual season begins, so swimwear is put out before summer and winter accessories are set up before the first snowfall. One easy way that you can save money on your wardrobe is to shop slightly out of season so that you get the pieces that you need at marked down prices. A little bit of patience will go a long way.

Host A Swap

Refresh your wardrobe without opening up your wallet. Host a clothing swap by picking out pieces that you don’t want in your closet anymore and asking your friends to do the same, then invite them over to trade.

Some general rules for hosting a successful clothing swap:

  • Everyone should bring a minimum of one item
  • The clothing should be clean and have no large holes
  • Unclaimed items should be donated to a charitable cause

Learn To Take Care Of Your Clothes

One of the reasons why you get new clothes is that the old ones are worn down. The fabric is torn and stretched out, the vibrant colors have faded, and half of the buttons have fallen off. You can save money on your wardrobe when you learn proper clothing care so that every piece lasts much longer than a year and looks just as good as the day you bought it.

Some general rules for washing your clothes:

  • Follow the instructions carefully on the tag
  • Wash jeans sparingly
  • Hand-wash delicate undergarments

With the help of internet tutorials, you can also learn how to do simple clothing repairs like sewing on a button or mending a zipper. These DIY skills will save you from paying a dry cleaner to do the fixes or from throwing your clothes in the trash.

Stick To A Budget

An excellent way to avoid spending too much on your wardrobe is to give yourself limits. Set a reasonable shopping budget and try your hardest to stick to it. Use cash instead of debit or credit cards, especially if you are an impulsive spender. You could whittle down your monthly savings in an entire afternoon if you’re not careful. 

If you overestimated how much money you had in the bank and you spent too much on impulse, you can bring back your items with the receipts and get cash refunds. If the items are all final sale or you lost the receipts, you will not be able to return them. All you can do is wait until the next paycheck comes in and be cautious the next time you hit the mall. 

Always be aware of your budget. You could face a rough patch when several unexpected bills come your way. You could have handled them had you only not bought a couple of pairs of shoes.

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New clothes are an important investment. Although you could save money by ignoring your bad wardrobe and wearing ruined items every day, it could create a bad impression for future employers. The best way that you can save money is to follow these fantastic tips when you shop.

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