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Family Friendly Destinations that arent Disney

There’s something about summer that makes it a magical period for family vacations.

It’s also a time famous for driving frazzled parents up the wall in frustration. The kids being home means that you constantly have to find new diversions to keep them occupied and out of trouble.

Why is going on vacation a great idea?

Well, if you’re a parent and you’re just about sick of going out to Disneyland or DisneyWorld, don’t despair. You never have to stand in a line that goes on forever just to see a princess if you can help it. There are so many other places for family fun times that don’t involve breaking the bank-and must not even be for summer.

A few of those options include:


Three words: red sand beaches. If that doesn’t keep the children occupied, what will?Maybe the visits to Anne of Green Gables house, the lighthouses, the golf courses, and the variety of amazing cuisine available for enjoyment. All this, in a small town that doesn’t have the rush of the city. The children will absolutely love Canada.


The best thing about Sandals Resorts has got to be how family-oriented their programs are. There are plenty activities for the family to do together, for just the kids, and for the parents to get in some alone time too. Their counsellors are stringently vetted, so you can trust the kids to them and just go relax with your partner. The problem is, the kids might have too much fun without you. Magic shows, sports, waters park events, what’s not to love? What’s more, their fees are all inclusive, and so you don’t have to bother about spending any more money than what you already paid.


When what you need is some peace and quiet, then the Outer Banks might be the better option. The sandy beaches are not filled with tourists, and it is safe and relaxing. Head out here with your family for some quality time away from the hustle and bustle. Don’t think that the quiet means boring: the small towns offer a wide range of activities to keep the whole families occupied.


For an immersive nature experience, your family will love Yellowstone National Park.The package includes a lodge or cabin, transportation and meals-at so much less than you’d spend on some overrated rides! It offers a relaxing, truly natural experience with activities like nature painting, bird and animal watching all under the tutelage of experienced guides. This will especially be beneficial to city dwellers who see little of nature. The geysers, mud pots and hot springs are sure to delight, and so will the view of the stars on a clear night if you choose to camp out. It will make for an experience the family will never stop talking about.


The majestic rolling waves, the sumptuous meals, the various sights to see on the way, the fun-filled activities for both kids and grown ups, the friends the children will make: these are just a few of the reasons why you should considera cruise. Cruises are all-inclusive packages, and so your budget won’t suffer.Be rest assured that the kids will pick up some culture while at it too!

There are so many budget-friendly places to explore, if you’re open to doing there search. Have fun on holiday.

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