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Tips on Getting Your Resume Right From the Best Resume Writers

If you have been sending out tons of resumes but you aren’t getting invited in for interviews then there are two possible reasons for this. The first reason could be that you don’t have the skills or qualifications that the position is looking for and the second is that you have a resume which is not fit for purpose. Let’s assume that you do have the right skills and qualifications for this position and instead focus on getting that resume up to scratch, We spoke to some of the best resume writers in order to find out some simple tips which you can use to give your resume an update which could find you more success.


Let’s get the basics right first and ensure that you have throughly proof-read your resume for any grammar or spelling mistakes. If there are errors like this on your resume then you will never get the time of day from whoever is recruiting for the position. If you aren’t very good one it comes to grammar and spelling then you should always get someone else to read through your resume to spot mistakes. Even if you do have good spelling and grammar autocorrect can often trip people up so be sure to thoroughly read each aspect of the resume.


The format of your resume is very important and you need to be able to use it in order to grab the attention of the person reading it. More than likely the recruiter will have many resumes in front of them and your’s will probably only get 30 seconds of attention, it is up to you to put together a resume that can grab attention in 30 seconds. Keep your resume to a single page and use built points and sub-headings to keep the information succinct. Each word needs to be careful thought out here as you don’t have any space for wasted words, at least not if you want to make an impact.


You have to avoid using generic terms in your resume and instead look to provide actual information and details about your skills and your experience. If you say that you are a ‘great team player’ then your resume will likely be tossed aside, if you talk about what you can bring to the team however, and you can show results, this is how you grab attention and make someone listen. The same goes for other sweeping statements that you make and you should always think about the details, what was it that you did in this situation? What did you achieve and how did you achieve it? Anyone can talk about how they like tome organized or that they are a motivated person but the recruiter wants more than that, they want to know the hows, the whys, and the wherefores.

Give your resume a spruce up and see how you get on in the new year. 

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