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Tips for Looking Fly Even When You Have to Travel Light

No matter how long your travel plans are or where you’re jetting off to, it can be a difficult task to travel light. Some might even say it is impossible, even just for a weekend getaway. There is no way of knowing what exciting plans you’ll make and where your travels will take you.

And let’s not even get started about the weather. The forecast says nothing about rain but you REALLY want to pack your new Michael Kors raincoat. What’s a jetsetting fashionista to do!? If you’re doing your absolute best to travel light with just a carry on (because let’s face it, who want to risk losing a checked bag at the airport), there is still hope. Check out these tips for looking fly even when you’re trying to travel light.

Think about outfit coordination ahead of time

You best bet is to pack a few items that can all be paired together. For example, don’t bring that abstract patterned shirt that only goes with one pair of jeans. Try to pack only items that have multiple functions and can be matched with several outfits.

This is especially true for a business trip or job interview where you’re required to travel. Pack a blazer that will go well with both a pencil skirt and fitted trousers. Instead of worrying about your outfit choice you can focus on mastering the STAR method of interviewing. A good rule of thumb is that black, white, navy and charcoal gray tend to mix and match well together.

Do you really need 8 pairs of shoes?

The answer is absolutely not. Try to bring 1 functional pair and 1 that you consider to be a bit edgy. Three pairs of shoes is the absolute max and no women should need to travel with more than this. Three pairs will allow you to bring one pair of sneakers or exercise shoes, comfy flats for daytime professional settings, and a fun pair of heels for hitting the town at night.

You really only need one dressy outfit

This depends on your travel plans, but most travellers don’t need more than one “special occasion” outfit. Bring one lightweight sheath dress or fancy jumpsuit as your dressy option. Everything else should be able to dress up or down by accessorizing and applying some fierce makeup.

Even an average fitted T can appear dressy when paired with sleek pants, suede booties, and dangly earrings. The same goes for the one fancy outfit that you have packed; you should be able to dress it down if need be.

Your travel day should be spent in exercise gear

Exercise gear is what you should be wearing on any flight, road trip, or train ride. Not only is it by far the most comfortable option, but luxury workout gear looks great too. A pair of LuluLemon leggings can be worn on the plane, during a yoga session, or even out and about while you take in the sights.

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