How to Keep Your Dentist Appointments to a Minimum

It is fair to say that nobody really enjoys going to the dentist and whilst some may not be as fearful as others, if we can avoid it then it is always preferable. Even if you have a dentist who is welcoming and can make you feel at ease, even they will tell you that they prefer not to see you very often, as this is of course a good sign that you have no issues. To help you to avoid the dentist then we have some tips for you which will keep your teeth healthy and your visits to the dental surgery to an absolute minimum.

Regular Checkups

You may be asking yourself why you should go to the dentist in order to avoid going to the dentist, but bear with us. If you visit the dentist envy 6 months for a check up as you are supposed to, this can help you to avoid any other trip to the dentist when there is a problem. Very often those people who avoid the dentist will fail to see an issue when it is first starting to cause problems and they end up having to go for an emergency dental appointment when it has gone too far. A regular checkup will ensure that any issues are identified and dealt with early, making your dental appointments far easier to get through.


In terms of cleaning your teeth you should be looking at doing this 3 times per day or at the very least every morning and every night. You should be using a small headed toothbrush and one which has medium/hard bristles. Brush your teeth in a circular motion and ensure that you get into every nook and cranny. After you have brushed your teeth you should use dental floss for the best results as this will get into the gaps between your teeth which toothbrushes cannot. Finally rinse your mouth with mouthwash which will not only make sure that your breath smells good, it will also make sure that any bits of food or bacteria are cleaned from the mouth.


If you excessively drink or take drugs or if you smoke, these are contributing factors to a large number of dental issues and you must stop as soon as you possibly can. Over indulgence can cause havoc to the quality of your teeth and gums and the only way in which you can improve your dental health and avoid the dentist is by stopping the vices.


Sugar causes all manner of damage to your teeth as it sticks to the enamel on the tooth and then when it is cleaned off it can bring the enamel with it. If you do drink sugary drinks or a sugary treat make sure that you have cleaned your teeth instantly once you have finished to avoid the problems which sugar can cause you.

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