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    You Can Expand your Wardrobe without Wasting your Money

    Your closet is full of items that are old, dated and falling apart at the seams. The only thing that’s stopping you from overhauling your wardrobe is that getting new clothes can be very expensive. If you want to expand your wardrobe without emptying your wallet, follow these savvy shopping tips. Think Like A Retailer Retailers use clever strategies to lure in shoppers and get them to spend as much as money as possible. They turn their merchandise over quickly, so shoppers feel the urge to buy now. They plaster massive sale signs on their front windows to snag your attention. They play lighthearted pop music to keep shoppers in…

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    Top 4 Investing Trends of 2019

    2019 is approaching fast for investors across all sectors. The stock market has seen a rise in volatility with relatively few safe places for cautious investors to hide. Even sectors that were booming last year, such as telecommunications, healthcare, and real estate saw losses in the first half of the year. As investors attempt to protect themselves from market volatility, they have explored novel areas of investment with mixed results. Below are four trends that have seen increased investment this year. Cryptocurrency/Blockchain While extreme volatility made the headlines in early 2018, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin have seen an increased investor base as the blockchain technology they are…